Font Design: Jenriv Sans Ep1-2-3

Last week, I just began to build my own Youtube channel. My first idea is about a collection of footages recording my working days with font design. Since I mostly listen to classical music and calm/non-genre piano, so I try to embed these kinds in my videos, hoping that they will make people relax and happy.

My first episodes are of very early stages of building letter “n” and “h” from scratch. Lowercase “n” and “o” are the bases, which will give the designer rough ideas of how black and white will be distributed in the typography layout.

For more thoroughful planning, I also decided to design letter “h” first, before converting it to letter “n”. Therefore, I will get the feeling of things balanced as I desired, from the proportion of the “h”, between ascender’s height and the extension of n’s shoulder.

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