Font Design: Jenriv Sans Ep6-7

My upload progress seems much slower comparing to real time working progress. In my new episode 6 and 7, I barely finished my basic lowercase "b" and started to build my lowercase "o", while I nearly finish both of uppercase and lowercase set in life. In the next weekends, I'm going to make videos as many as posible and publish them more regularly.

Font Design: Jenriv Sans Ep5

It has been about a month since I started my new project, Jenriv Sans. I've done designing two thirds of lowercase alphabet. Today I decide to build some principal letters for uppercase alphabet. I also take my time to make some youtube videos. I feel that my previous ones is too long and tiresome, so I plan my upcoming videos to stay around 10 minutes only. This episode was recorded nearly one month ago, when I built lowercase "b" from scratch. It was by far clumsy comparing to my currently refined version. The embarrassment of the past is fun though, while...

Font Design: Jenriv Sans Ep4

Hello, It is such a busy week here. But, good news is that I have a lot of recording videos of my font design workflow. I will make more videos and upload them more regularly. Video editing is fun, learning new stuffs is joy. I begin to have good feeling everytime I make new video. I also decide to reduce the length of video to around 10-15 minutes. I know, time is precious to everyone! And here is my most recent video, episode 4 of Font Design: Jenriv Sans series.

Font Design: Jenriv Sans Ep1-2-3

Last week, I just began to build my own Youtube channel. My first idea is about a collection of footages recording my working days with font design. Since I mostly listen to classical music and calm/non-genre piano, so I try to embed these kinds in my videos, hoping that they will make people relax and happy. My first episodes are of very early stages of building letter "n" and "h" from scratch. Lowercase "n" and "o" are the bases, which will give the designer rough ideas of how black and white will be distributed in the typography layout. For more thoroughful...

Italic form – Adapting ‘reflected z’ form in lowercase ‘s’

original italic uppercase s and lowercase s

After my very first design, Jaina Sans Bold (JSB), I started working on the idea of a bookish typeface inspired by Jenson’s classic forms, from June 2016. I call this one Jenriv, initially developed with two styles as Regular and Italic. After Myfonts made another contact to me regarding the once rejected JSB font, I requested them for a review of my Jenriv fonts on the same occasion. The feedback I received was detailed and truly interesting in some points. One of them was about the stress of italic ‘s’ of my design, which then turned to be fruitful for my own perception after all.

Type design study from Old Master – Letter S

Any letter is hard enough to craft as soon as you began to learn the principles. But I want to say honestly that the S is not only the one I find the most struggling to start with, but also the most fascinating one. The letter is so distinctive, but today we sometimes link it with the horizontally reflected Z version in certain trends. Then these traditional forms of S suddenly bring something vital to me.

Type design study from Old Master – Letter A

Dürer is one of my favorites. He’s also been regarded as the greatest German Old Master of the Northern Renaissance. I still remember the first time I looked at one of Dürer’s most famous drawing – Praying Hands. Since it was time when I first learned how to hold a pencil properly, there was not much to say about any impression or if I got a lesson from him; but I still take notice of him in any reading material.

In honor of Dürer, this is one of my very first try at studying from his typography/type design. Later, I will try to take another subjects such as classic human proportion, which I believe can support me a lot in drawing and design.