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Type design study from Old Master – Letter S

Any letter is hard enough to craft as soon as you began to learn the principles. But I want to say honestly that the S is not only the one I find the most struggling to start with, but also the most fascinating one. The letter is so distinctive, but today we sometimes link it with the horizontally reflected Z version in certain trends. Then these traditional forms of S suddenly bring something vital to me.

Type design study from Old Master – Letter A

Dürer is one of my favorites. He’s also been regarded as the greatest German Old Master of the Northern Renaissance. I still remember the first time I looked at one of Dürer’s most famous drawing – Praying Hands. Since it was time when I first learned how to hold a pencil properly, there was not much to say about any impression or if I got a lesson from him; but I still take notice of him in any reading material.

In honor of Dürer, this is one of my very first try at studying from his typography/type design. Later, I will try to take another subjects such as classic human proportion, which I believe can support me a lot in drawing and design.